Grand Theft Auto 5 for Windows Computers?

| Mai 20th, 2012

General information on GTA:

This year will probably be on 23 October „Grand Theft Auto 5“, or just „GTA 5“ will appear. The developers of the GTA series called Rockstar North and will once again be the continuation of the successful series of games for a hit in the gaming industry.

For the rather unlikely event that someone does not know what it is all in the GTA series is here a very brief explanation from GTA 5 Shop:

You play a person who meets the game missions. It is about criminal activities, such as the killing of people or stealing something. The successful completion of missions, you develop a name in the game and will get more respect. In addition, the GTA games are always built on stories which make the game more interesting.

Special information on GTA 5:

It is unfortunately very little to say about GTA 5 or when we will be able to buy GTA 5 since Rockstar has given no further details, so there is unfortunately only rumors. There is some rumor that animals are present in the new GTA. Another rumor is that the police should be more aggressive and will also use dogs or gas.

As with most games but some things have already been leaked. One thing is certain already that the game in Los Santos, which is modeled after the city of Los Angeles will take place.

It is also claimed that one can choose between several characters and older characters will appear in the game of the GTA series. Also on the history of the character, or how the story of the game is run, is not yet known.

However, if the trailer is credible, you can certainly look forward to the game because the graphics in the trailer is incredibly good and the GTA series has always been very popular and has never disappointed.

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