DOA5 release in September. Dead or Alive 5!

| September 11th, 2012

On 28 September 2012, it is so far: Koei Tecmo Games releases on this day, developed by Team Ninja beat’em up Dead or Alive 5 . So you can check before whether the fetch is successful, Gamerscore points or Trophies match your collar size or her make an assessment can, whether the results are easy or difficult, we have once again no expense spared, and our Achievement and Trophy detective los sent. „Achievement unlocked“ – he was repeatedly successful and he has revealed to us all the achievements / trophies in German – we include you, not in front, of course!

Only in a few secret achievements had our successes and trophies Scouts stuck – this we can give you for now „only“ serve in English.

DOA 5 will appear on PS3 and Xbox 360 – like the long awaited Grand Theft Auto V for PS3.

And as always, we shall present to you not only the successes, you shall also soon expect the appropriate guide / Gamer Guide to the will help you earn the achievements and trophies quickly and easily.

Dead or Alive 5 – Achievements / Achievements

Fighting Entertainment
Fights for the first time outside of training and versus modes.

Sign 5 fighter in your fighters list.

Online fighter
Fights 10-times online.

Online profiling
Fights 100-times online.

DOA5 is my life
Fights 1000-times online.

My struggle, my rules
Build your own online lobby.

Into the Breach!
Deny a lobby fight.

A real struggle
Deny one ranked battle.

Here we go
Deny a normal fight.

Solve the special danger zone in this show.

Tango Kilo November
Solve the special danger zone in a war zone.

Who does not ask …
Fights by invitation to 10 players.

No matter who, no matter when, no matter where
Fights by invitation to 50 players.

First Throwdown
Send someone in your list is a fighter Throwdown challenge.

Akira Yuki
Akira turn freely.

Sarah Bryant
Unlock Sarah.

Arcade apprentice
Complete a course in Arcade Mode.

Arcade Champion
Complete all courses in Arcade mode.

Time Attack apprentice
Complete a course in Time Attack mode.

Time Attack Champion
Complete all courses in Time Attack mode.

Survival apprentice
Complete a course in survival mode.

Survival Master
Complete all courses in survival mode.

Aspiring fighters
Fight in 10 Versus games.

The battle never ends
Fight in 100 Versus matches.

Hard Training
Games for an hour in training mode.

Practice makes perfect
Perform all the moves from the input training.

Great cinema
Use the spectator mode.

Fighters know thyself
View your fighting stats at.

Ahhh, memories
Look at your photos in the album.

Say cheese!
Take a photo in spectator mode.

How do I fight?
Take your show the Move List.

How I fight like a pro?
Take your show the Move details.

A Memorable Battle
Save a replay.

Safety First
Kill the stage selection from the danger zones.

Fighting with style
Unlock all costumes.

First Team
Games partner fight a

Better safe than sorry
Perform 50 types of character-specific partner of litters.

I’ll knock you away
Meet with a power attack.

Griffins successfully during a cliffhanger.

Cliffhanger comeback
Blocks during a cliffhanger to attack an opponent.

I can see light
Profits, without taking any damage.

Learn from mistakes
Look at the losers poses for all characters.

Look at all the movies in story mode on, without skipping.

DOA5 Master
Unlock all achievements.

Secret Achievements

The Ultimate Hyper Clone
Get all titles and unlock Alpha-152

The Curtain Rises
Clear the Prologue in story mode

Ninja Battle
Clear „Kasumi: Part 2“ in Story mode

And Then … THIS Happened!
Clear all chapters in Story mode

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